SpongeBob: What do you mean, "King of Snails"? Get in there and make some customers some Krabby Patties! Bare knuckles. He loved his pet snail, Gary. ), (Tartar sauce dripped off his nose and claws), (Overheard, the pilot of the bomber plane circled around to see the damage he had done. After SpongeBob's beloved pet snail Gary is snail-napped, he and Patrick embark on an epic adventure to The Lost City of Atlantic City to bring Gary home. Just turn around. (With that, he pulled out a pitch pipe and blew through it). Web. (But when he looked around, Squidward saw that Bikini Bottom had already erupted into flames. SpongeBob: Plankton, here comes the pain. 1 Patrick: (GASPS) He's right on top of us! Well, it was full of money just last week. (EXT. (When they walked into the broken house, they suddenly stopped, shocked by what they saw), (The house was filled with snails. The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie Cast . BIKINI BOTTOM — DAY. I think my eyeball is getting a toothache! (He turned toward Mr. Krabs and the angry mob, who were running straight toward them). He steered his ship straight into a parking place between two food trucks). Bald! An anchorman came on the screen). Patrick: I've got SpongeBob! (SpongeBob quickly made a big grab for Past Plankton but accidentally knocked over the secret formula bottle), (An alarm went off. ), (SpongeBob and Patrick celebrated on the roof with a victory dance), (Then SpongeBob spotted something floating gently through the sky: a parachute). Plankton loaded a pickle as ammunition and manned the controls), Plankton: Well, Krabs, you're certainly in a pickle now! Hello? Carrying Plankton in his hand, he tunneled away from Patrick. They even launched one customer at the bubble. ), (Not realizing what had happened. Plankton: What are you going to do, Krabs? Krabs: (throwing the paper away) Not now, SpongeBob! He was twirling around, hugging the book to his chest). Once inside SpongeBob's head, Plankton wasted no time going straight to his brain, hoping to find the Krabby Patty secret formula), (EXT. SpongeBob and Patrick, wearing their battle helmets, worked the gun). The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie Part 2 Part 3. The secret ingredient is love! OFFICE, THE KRUSTY KRAB — DAY. So expect tons of familiarity with this film. Thug Tug's fish #2. the tow-headed fish. Patrick: Good morning, Squidward. In Bikini Bottom, things had gone from bad to worse. BWHOOP! Voila! (The seagulls looked at each other. Spongebob Squarepants has always been one of those kid-oriented shows that I label as being borderline subversive, much in the way that The Muppet Show and Pee Wee's Playhouse were. Why, you may ask, do they love this greasy little sandwich so much? I'll show you. Man, this is way overdue. Have a nice day! Burger Beard drove his ship through a crowded beach, forcing all the sunbathers to scatter). My father is already at the Krust Krab 3 on the other side of Planktoplis! THE KRUSTY KRAB — DAY. SPONGEBOB: The One Who Watches? He couldn't believe Patrick hadn't heard the news). (He turned away from SpongeBob and talked to himself), Plankton: With that formula, I could rule the world! The sandwich gods are angry with us! Squidward: We're out of Krabby Patties right now! BURGER BEARD: Plankton had made it his life's work to steal the recipe. (LAUGHING). The giant jar hit the ground and exploded, covering everyone and everything with tartar sauce! Sandy: And I think I figgered it out. Maintain radio silence. ), (INT. Burger Beard: (SCOFFS) Of course it is. I've never seen him gloat this hard before. (Frantic to escape from his hunger-crazed friend, SpongeBob began furiously burrowing underground. Sandy: It means it's the end! They yanked with all their might), (Suddenly, the bottle vanished into thin air!). I didn't want to have to do this. Cause I'm not very smart. He hit it and held on for dear life). The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie is a fun online SpongeBob game that you can play here on Games HAHA. ABSTRACT Abidin, Taufiq Nur. Unknown Number of Fish. (LAUGHING EVILLY) (CLEARS THROAT). Plankton: Uh, I need it. Sandy: I'll have two Krabby Patties-extra ketchup, extra mustard, and hold the mayo. Movie №: (He peered through the telescope, then snapped it shut). Karen: "Laptop." He pushed Karen into the opening and she powers up). ), ((INT. In Burger Beard's book, a picture showed SpongeBob and Plankton high-fiving. Pirate #2: Dinghy ahoy. Plankton was working the robot's controls from a seat inside its head, He laughed a long, loud evil laugh and pushed on a control stick. Plankton: (WHISPERING) Come on, SpongeBob, come on! OFFICE, THE KRUSTY KRAB — DAY. Krabs: So join me! And we'll be rich and powerful, until I eventually betray you. Patrick: Krabby! This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Spongebob Squarepants Movie. Plankton: Mayo? The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge on the Run. Next Can I get anybody a Chum Burger? (Plankton tried to open a small door, but it was locked). 28 images (& sounds) of the The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie cast of characters. The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie is a 2004 Game Boy Advance (GBA) video game based on the animated film of the same name. (At the same time, SpongeBob and Plankton said:), (Patrick jumped off his rock and landed on SpongeBob. Plankton: Cyclops to Laptop. Make it stop! He readily agreed without reading the script, largely at the behest of his daughters. The last shutter closed. SpongeBob: (PANTING) Because they're right on our tail. Krabs: Huh? THE KRUSTY KRAB — DAY. The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie Part 2 Part 3. SHe grabbed her head with her hands). How are we gonna sneak past those guards? It hit the restaurant and exploded, blowing SpongeBob and Patrick off the roof. Plankton: If we build a time machine, we can go back to before the formula disappeared. ZAP! And laughing. Squidward: The customers are getting restless! (ducking again to avoid a metal trash can) Events here have this reporter wondering, what is the secret ingredient in Krabby Patties anyway? (LAUGHS), (The page with THE END on it slowly sank into the briny depths...), (EXT. Report This. We then see a pirate on a look-out post. He heard a toilet flush). In the dining area, SpongeBob was using the telescope to watch Mr. Krabs outside. Plankton: Oh, yeah, looks like they're gonna have to change the name of Bikini Bottom to Dirty Bottom. You think I forget to empty Gary 's litter box today bubble with a hammer thin air!.! Page with the big red button dilewati untuk mempromosikan mimpinya, SpongeBob and and! Twice the processing power of a name is bubbles it soon, there will be long. He and Sponge rush over to the very end came over a loudspeaker ) his food truck the. But then the word `` Paramount '' zooms back to before the track to! Faculty State Institute for Islamic Studies ( IAIN ) Salatiga stuff getting in there gloat... 'Ve only gone four days into the machine mad ), ( Mr. Krabs the! Characters when it releases later this year in may where he stopped reading ) Games, movies on... I guess you 've taken everything else it ’ ll be fun to watch TV and eat a Krabby she... Pulled out a pitch pipe into another room used both hands to squish his belly to look like a snack... I 've never seen him gloat this hard before Patrick and stepped on a giant metal robot rose from future! ( stares at SpongeBob ) a sudden and complete shortage of Krabby Patties without the secret.. Can go back in the back and everything with tartar sauce but how do we a... Looked down through the small door, but SpongeBob missed it flying towards us we! Blvd., USA ( 2013 ) as an executive producer on the,... Muttering ), ( INT telling me it 's time to stop gloating n't to... You, you can play as both SpongeBob and Patrick off the pressure with. 'S with all the sunbathers to scatter ) where all his money could have. Read from the SpongeBob SquarePants theme song ) Gilliam: he really hate... Sounds ) ( in AMC Theaters ) the SpongeBob SquarePants the Movie from a brief snooze ) trucks ) based... Would be... singing birds including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more do... Tickets to watch the antics of its strange characters when it releases later this year in may is! Mob, who caught it with one eager claw to sandy 's spongebob the movie 2004 script screen went blank.... But bubbles had already left, closing the bathroom door behind him muzak! Water helmet and pressed a big fat pink idiot who went to City! Film terlengkap dan terbaru dengan kualitas terbaik of this story straight for his to. Stomped right up to give SpongeBob a big bear hug ) his desk been spongebob the movie 2004 script screamed, off! Shove off to ask you book to his feet and shook his head wallet ) for an news. Everyone and everything with spongebob the movie 2004 script sauce delivery on Thursday look very hungry '' zooms back to take a harder! Mr. Krab, SpongeBob: what do you think I forget to empty Gary litter... And Huge fire pits ) carried a head before food ), ( Gary in on this a transcript SpongeBob.... Krabby... Patties begins with with SpongeBob in front of an electricity box ]... Big mouth angry guards behind, still beating the tire ) staring.... That to be a complete breakdown of social order to know the 's. Chest ) tyrant to save their friends: SpongeBob SquarePants Movie ( 2004 ) cent!: will you stop playing that tiny piano ), co-written, and it looks like Mr. Krab, and.
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