minimum wage is either set too high or too low (Saget, 2008; Lee and Sobeck, 2012; Rani et al., 2013), the system is too complex (Cunningham, 2007; Rani et al., 2013), there are no legislated fines/punishments for non-compliance, or the minimum wage is simply not enforced, possibly due to a lack of resources Minimum Wages in Kenya remained unchanged at 13572 KES/Month in 2020 from 13572 KES/Month in 2019. Cts. Minimum Wage in Kenya - 2021 february. MINIMUM WAGE EARNER’S ENTITLEMENT FOR 2018 1.0 INTRODUCTION Minimum wage refers to the lowest earnings to be paid to a worker in Kenya. Living and Working during the Coronavirus Pandemic - Link me to the Covid 19 Survey and Daily Updates, Cite this page: © WageIndicator 2021 - -, Working hours. The sad thing is that there is no minimum wage for security guards in Kenya. Finally, it is here (for the general wage order) and here (for the agricultural industry). Kenya's minimum wage was last changed in 1-May-2015.